Feb 2017 – Infinite Possibilities

Grateful for the unlimited possibilities of this new day (even though its winter in New England), I am making a gallon of kombucha.

My man friend has a stockpile of small jars each containing about a teaspoon of green tea, so I combined those with some Assam Bramaputra as recommended by Jamie Paul of Dobra Tea in Northampton.  I’ve never used green tea in a kombucha blend before – hopefully the SCOBY finds it delicious!


So, as the lovely morning light shows here, I forgot to strain the pulp from the blood orange juice before adding it to this fancy Weck jar. Also peep that loaf of sourdough on the right.

On the current batch, I am doing a secondary fermentation  using blood oranges. They were on sale (at Whole Foods, shut uppp) so I ASSUME they are in season somewhere within flying distance. Ideally, I suppose I would be using an all-local, seasonal supply chain. Except for tea. I don’t think anyone is growing tea in Rhode Island…or are they? Stay tuned, let’s find out!



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